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District Teams


SHLL District Teams play other towns District Teams after the conclusion of the regular season.  These are the teams that are participating in the journey to the Little League World Series or other local Little League post season tournaments.


Each year during the regular season, tryouts take place to join the District Team for each age appropriate level.  Results of the tryouts cannot be announced until June 1st.  To be eligible for a district team, you must attend at least 75% of regular season games.  Please review the SHLL calendar for the tryout dates.


District teams are competitive in nature.  Each player on the team is required by Little League rules to receive a minimum amount of playing time in the field and at bats, but once those standards have been met, further playing time for each player is solely in the coaches’ discretion. 


District teams require a commitment from the player and their parents.  Players should be available for most of June and July for practice and to play the games scheduled.  Players’ parents will be required to assist the coaches in scoring games, running a score board, pitch counting, preparing fields and any other duties necessary to play the games.