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Restaurant Sponsor Gift Card Contest
Hi SHLL Members -  As we continue through unsettled times...
Modell’s Team Weeks Program
Hello Parents and Players, Modells' 15% coupon is available...
Restaurant Sponsor Gift Card Contest

Hi SHLL Members - 

As we continue through unsettled times both in our community and beyond, we first and foremost hope that you and your families are and continue to be in good health.  Under normal circumstances, we'd already be out on the local diamonds and gearing up for the start of the SHLL season and the Opening Day Parade.  While this year is much different for everyone, we hope that baseball or softball still has a place in your players' daily routines.

With that in mind, SHLL has put together a gift card social media "contest" that we hope to have great participation in.  Like many of our league sponsors, Anthony's Restaurant & Catering (Bernardsville), Pizza Brothers (Bedminster) and Rocco's Pizzeria (Bedminster) can all use as much support (delivery and take-out business) as possible through these difficult ecomonic/social times.  

SHLL has purchased four $25 gift cards for each of these 3 restaurants and our hope is that this could, potentially be a start in helping these longtime SHLL sponsors many times over.  The social media contest, which applies to SHLL members only, is very straightforward and requires that you take the following 2 simple steps:

1) Follow the SHLL Instagram page, which is somersethillsll

2) Post pictures of your players getting "baseball or softball ready" on your own Instagram page and tag #somersethillsll to the post.  Baseball/softball ready pics could be your player having a catch outside with a parent, playing wiffle ball with their siblings or even just wearing an old jersey or SHLL gear around your home (it's really whatever you want it to be).  We want to have as many pictures from as many of our players as possible!

Any pics that are submitted between 4/6-4/19 will qualify SHLL members for our 1st drawing of six $25 gift cards (2 for each of our 3 restaurant sponsors).  Then, any pics that are submitted between 4/20-5/3 will qualify SHLL members for our 2nd drawing (the remaining 6 gift cards).  Posting several pics won't necessarily help your chances of winning, but it would still be a pretty cool thing to do!!

Also, below is some information (as of today) on the status each of these local businesses:


Please let us know if you have any questions and start posting those pictures on IG!!



SHLL Board

by posted 04/05/2020
Modell’s Team Weeks Program

Hello Parents and Players,

Modells' 15% coupon is available for use. Please use between 3/9/20- 4/10/20.

If you are not familiar with the program it is essentially a shopping period Modell's set up that offers a 15% discount on all merchandise for all members and families that are part of our organization. They keep track of sales throughout the shopping period. Once it ends, they total the sales and when at least $500 is spent, Modell’s donates 5% of the proceeds back to our league. 



SHLL Board

by posted 03/09/2020
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Field Status
Bedminster School TBD (4/7) 
Bedminster School Lower - Bedminster TBD (4/7) 
Bernard HS - batting cag - bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Bernards High School - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Bernards HS - lower gym - bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Burnt Mills Park - Bedminster TBD (4/7) 
Chubb 2 - Chester Mendham  -- 
Claremont Field - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Kiwanis Majors - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
KIWANIS MAJORS CAGES - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Kiwanis Minors - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Kiwanis TBall - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Lower Polo - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
Lower Polo Baseball Fiel - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
PeaPack Gladstone Munici - Peapack  -- 
Peapack Municipal Lower - Peapack Gladstone TBD (4/7) 
Peapack/Glad Field #1 - Peapack-Gladstone, TBD (4/7) 
Peapack/Glad Field #2 - Peapack-Gladstone TBD (4/7) 
Pepack Gladstone - Pepack TBD (4/7) 
Pluckemin Park - Bedminster TBD (4/7) 
River Road Field R2 - Bedminster TBD (4/7) 
River Road Field R3 - Bedminster TBD (4/7) 
River Road Field R4 - Bedminster TBD (4/7) 
Rockaway-Peterson Mem - Rockaway Township TBD (4/7) 
Rose Bowl - Bernardsville TBD (4/7) 
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