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Fall Ball Equipment
Good morning SHLL Families - We're excited to get Fall Ball started...
COVID Quarantine Rules
  The league will follow the rules according to the CDC and...
Fall Ball Equipment

Good morning SHLL Families - We're excited to get Fall Ball started this week or in the coming days depending on the division your player is in.  For anyone that's newer to tball/softball/baseball, below is a list of items to make sure your player has with them for practices and games:

  • Bat
  • Glove
  • Helmet (Helmet cage required for softball and optional for all other levels)
  • Equipment bag (recommended)
  • Water bottle
  • Cleats
  • Batting Gloves (optional)
  • Fielder's Mask (softball only)

The link below provides some information on the sizes for different types of equipment.

Rawlings Sizing Charts | The #1 Brand In Baseball | Rawlings

If you have any questions on equipment, please contact the division coordinator that your player is in:

  • Matt Kneafsey (Tball) - mgkneafsey@aol.com
  • Craig Burns (Instructional Baseball) - craigwburns@gmail.com
  • Greg deGrandpre (Minors Baseball) - degrandg@yahoo.com
  • Melissa Provost (Majors Baseball) - somersethillspresident@gmail.com
  • Greg Freisen (Instructional and Majors Softball) - gfreisen@gmail.com

Also, if you need to discuss financial assistance where SHLL may be able to provide your player with equipment through our "scholarship program", please contact Greg Freisen (gfreisen@gmail.com).


SHLL Board


by posted 09/08/2021
COVID Quarantine Rules


The league will follow the rules according to the CDC and NJ DOH, with the more stringent always taking precedent. Currently Somerset County is listed as a Red County. This means the current recommendations for quarantine, as set by the state of NJ are as follows:

"Outside of high-risk congregate settings, following prolonged close contact (within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with someone with COVID-19, persons should quarantine UNLESS:

  • Individuals are fully vaccinated , OR
  • Individuals have clinically recovered from COVID-19 in the past 3 months.

Since we are currently a RED county; NJ recommends the following for Quarantine:

  • 14 days quarantine for group settings and organized activities

It is important to note that this is more stringent the current CDC guidelines and is based on our current "Red" risk level. Note this is an excerpt from the guidance, for those that want to read more; below are the links to the NJ and CDC guidance. 

NJ Guidance


CDC Guidance



Please contact our league safety officer Chad McQueen (chadrmcq@gmail.com) for any further questions.



SHLL Board





by posted 04/12/2021
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Bedminster School TBD (9/21) 
Bedminster School Lower - Bedminster TBD (9/21) 
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Bernards HS - lower gym - bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Burnt Mills Park - Bedminster TBD (9/21) 
Chubb 2 - Chester Mendham  -- 
Claremont Field - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Kiwanis Majors - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
KIWANIS MAJORS CAGES - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Kiwanis Minors - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Kiwanis TBall - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Lower Polo - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Lower Polo Baseball Fiel - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
Par-Troy W - Park Rd. - Morris Plains OPEN (9/21) 
PeaPack Gladstone Munici - Peapack  -- 
Peapack Municipal Lower - Peapack Gladstone TBD (9/21) 
Peapack/Glad Field #1 - Peapack-Gladstone, TBD (9/21) 
Peapack/Glad Field #2 - Peapack-Gladstone TBD (9/21) 
Pepack Gladstone - Pepack TBD (9/21) 
Pluckemin Park - Bedminster TBD (9/21) 
Polo/Veterans Turf Field - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
River Road Field R2 - Bedminster TBD (9/21) 
River Road Field R3 - Bedminster TBD (9/21) 
River Road Field R4 - Bedminster TBD (9/21) 
Rockaway - Donatoni Park - Rockaway OPEN (9/21) 
Rockaway-Peterson Mem - Rockaway Township TBD (9/21) 
Rose Bowl - Bernardsville TBD (9/21) 
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