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Rutgers SAFETY certificate for coaches

Hi SHLL Members - 

We're excited that the Fall 2020 SHLL program is now in full swing.  All NEW Somerset Hills Little League volunteer coaches must complete a Rutgers SAFETY (Sports Awareness for Educating Today's Youth) clinic, which is a three hour program that meets the stipulations in the Little League Law.  You only need to take the course once and upon completion receive a Rutgers SAFETY Clinic Certification Card.  In past years, this course had primarily been offered in person only.  This year, there are online opportunities to complete this.

The link below takes you to the upcoming schedule of courses (including online courses today, 9/10 or Sat, 9/12).  If you need this certification either for this Fall season or want to get it done for a future season, this online opportunity may be the most efficient option for you.  For each upcoming course, there is a contact listed on the site who you can reach out to for more info.



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by posted 09/10/2020
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Bedminster School TBD (9/24) 
Bedminster School Lower - Bedminster TBD (9/24) 
Bernard HS - batting cag - bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Bernards High School - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Bernards HS - lower gym - bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Burnt Mills Park - Bedminster TBD (9/24) 
Chubb 2 - Chester Mendham  -- 
Claremont Field - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Kiwanis Majors - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
KIWANIS MAJORS CAGES - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Kiwanis Minors - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Kiwanis TBall - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Lower Polo - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
Lower Polo Baseball Fiel - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
PeaPack Gladstone Munici - Peapack  -- 
Peapack Municipal Lower - Peapack Gladstone TBD (9/24) 
Peapack/Glad Field #1 - Peapack-Gladstone, TBD (9/24) 
Peapack/Glad Field #2 - Peapack-Gladstone TBD (9/24) 
Pepack Gladstone - Pepack TBD (9/24) 
Pluckemin Park - Bedminster TBD (9/24) 
River Road Field R2 - Bedminster TBD (9/24) 
River Road Field R3 - Bedminster TBD (9/24) 
River Road Field R4 - Bedminster TBD (9/24) 
Rockaway-Peterson Mem - Rockaway Township TBD (9/24) 
Rose Bowl - Bernardsville TBD (9/24) 
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